Change the behavior of hashtag search

According to the onlinehelp (, When the number sign (also referred to as hash or pound sign) character immediately precedes a term, only documents containing the exact term are returned, the term is not expanded by the stemming algorithm.

In example, when doing the following query: #search

Coveo will find documents containing search and not those containing terms of the same family like searched, searches, or searching.

The client would like Coveo to change this behavior, so the hashtag search will behave exactly how it does in a Salesforce search.


1) How important this is for the customer (nice to have vs should have vs deal breaker)? Should Have

2) Is there currently a workaround in place? No

3) This will serve you to do what (why do you want this) ?

Search for Hashtag items present within Salesforce and other systems. Hashtags are a standard search identifier in Salesforce and other programs like Twitter.

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  • Oct 30 2015
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