Improve Top Result vs Sitecore

Every customer using Coveo & Sitecore I worked with are using Top Results.

Managing TopResults with Coveo/Sitecore is really painful:

·         use case 1: each time you updated a Sitecore Content Item referenced by a Coveo Top Result, you have to update the Coveo Top Result too (the uri of a Coveo doucmetn contains "version=2")

·         use case 2: getting a sense of Coveo Admin / Index/Top Result page view difficult because the Uri makes no human sense.

·         use case 3: duplication: you have to always configure top results for master AND web databases.

·         use case 4: first-time environment promotion: say you are coping your config from dev to qa, and later to preprod, etc. Then each time you do this, you have to manually update config.txt to change the <SourceID>  node of each <FixedResult> because the sources are recreated on each environment.
  • Jean-Pierre Déry
  • Nov 19 2014
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I need it... Quarter
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  • Nicolas Bordeleau commented
    May 1, 2015 17:41

    Will be delivered in June or July