Gap in the Advanced Content Editing Search between Lucene and Coveo

The referral is for the More Search Options as documented in the's_cookbook_sc72-a4.pdf chapter 7.3, 7.7 and 7.8. The combination of these features makes finding specific items, information and bulk handling very powerful and accessible for the power editors. 

 Top picks selection expected of the More Search Options. 

  • My recent searches
  • Recently Modified
  • Recently Created
  • Recent Tabs.


Search Filters

  • Search by Author
  • Search by Language
  • Return Results Starting Date
  • Return Results Up to Date


Search Operations;

  • Publish Items
  • Search and Replace
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  • Nov 16 2015
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    Simon Langevin commented
    March 22, 2017 18:57

    Coveo is no longer used to replace Lucene for Content Editor Search since Sitecore 7.2 (which gave the option to run multiple indexes in parallel).