Installation of Coveo on SharePoint WFEs on specific server(s) of a farm instead of all of them


when installing the .Net search on SharePoint, this one get automatically installed in every site of the Farm. 

Removing the interface it also remove it from every site.


This can be a pain when only one server from the farm is remove for a reason. When removing it, it then automatically uninstall the search on every other WFE.


We had several discussion internally and the need would be to add an option in the install kit to make the SharePointInstaller to skip entirely all the changes to the SharePoint database (including the annoying uninstall step at the beginning). That would allow the administrator, that is performing the installation, to skip that long processing on every WFE, but to execute it on 1 and only 1 WFE.


  • Christian Bilodeau
  • Nov 25 2015
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  • anne poltorak commented
    February 22, 2016 22:18
    Ideally, it be great to be able to decouple the installer from the exact frontend version. That way, we can use it to deploy older frontends too if we haven't upgraded to the most recent yet due to various reasons.
    ie, have parameters where we can give the installer the frontend version file path/name and the specific server/webapp to install to.