Using less information in url when openning a QuickView



In Coveo for Sitecore when we are opening a Quickview for a document, if we have many filters in our search interface, all of these are sent to  the Quickview.  The issue is that very often we have querystrings of many thousands of caracteres...  a typical call:


  1. Request URL:

All this to open a Quickview is enormous.  The document can be open with he regular url in the index, but fail in the QV because the Querystring is too long.  One fix to this is to change the MaxQueryString in the Web.config of the site..


If we could trimmed down the amout of information set, that would be awesome.


We could have that in JS UI v0.9 and up

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  • Dec 7 2015
I need it... Month
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