Make the "ServerNameAlias" parameter includes also the port number

I'm testing the "ServerNameAlias" parameter for a client. I'm crawling this address: http://vm-sp-kmsp2k10:18139 with SP V2 connector.
The ServerNameAlias value is:
I can see that the url is now: Documents/.......
Without the ServerNameAlias parameter, the url is http://vm-sp-kmsp2k10:18139/Shared Documents/....
My question is, if the ServerNameAlias value is:, why the port number is still displayed in the url?

Dev from the connector team explained to me that this is working as designed, according to the code, the parameter replace the URL of the host and doesn't touch to the the port number. 

We need the parameter to replace the Authority (Host + Port)


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  • Jan 6 2016
I need it... Quarter
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