Creating an AEM Connector (Communities and Marketing Cloud Connectivity)

This is coming up in discussions with CenturyLink (SAL), as well as conversations with both Alison Chandless-Mark Flynn (CenturyLink) and Tony Bone's team of Service Cloud Co-primes in Chicago.


Data points:

CenturyLink Opportunity (SAL)

  • Looking to index AEM content and bring into the Communities pane of glass
  • Need to further explore if this can be done via our Sitemap Connector, or if building an AEM connector is the way to go

Retail Use Case (Mark-Alison)

  • Overview: Large retailer or a company with millions of transactional consumers as part of their business
    • Has a ton of Marketing content
    • In love with AEM
  • Wants to put Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the middle
    • Take content and push out via Customer Journeys
  • Have we connected Marketing Cloud to AEM?
    • There could be some synergy in fleshing this out
      • Mark: Has 3 enterprise accounts, Alison with others
        • Each one is trying to do EXACTLY THIS
        • All content guys LOVE AEM, can we help Salesforce play nice with them?
      • Mark and Alison would rather go ISV than Services to help solve this problem
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  • Jan 29 2016
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