Use Collection Name instead of ID in Interface XML

Even though the Interface Editor shows the collection text name when defining what collections the search should look in, when its stored in the interface xml file, it only stores the internal collection ID number.  The problem is, if we have several backends that we have to GDI across to get all of the data, the collection IDs are different on each backend, even if we create them with the same exact text name.  This means we have to manually edit the config.txt on each backend to match so that the IDs that the frontend interface xml has will work during the GDI.  It would be better if you just stored the text name so that we don't have to edit the backend config.txt files to get all the collection IDs to match, and so that its easier to identify which is which and add new ones when looking at the interface xml.

  • anne poltorak
  • Mar 14 2016
I need it... Not sure -- just thought it was cool
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