Last Updated User/Date in Sources Screens

In each of the Sources' screens (General, Schedules, Filters, etc), it would be nice if it logged and displayed the last updated user ID and datetime stamp at the bottom so that we can tell who changed something.  Perhaps even show the last 3 changes.

Ideally, it could individually log each screen since the last user in the General screen could be different than someone in the Schedule screen, for example.

  • anne poltorak
  • Mar 14 2016
  • Shipped
I need it... Not sure -- just thought it was cool
  • Aug 23, 2016

    Admin Response

    This veature was delivered in March 2016.

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  • anne poltorak commented
    August 24, 2016 02:27

    I mean for the Last Updated User/Date to be displayed somewhere on the admin screens, not in the log files.

  • Admin
    Eric Savoie commented
    August 24, 2016 15:18

    Hi Anne,

    You will have all the information you need in the admin tool. You simply need to navigate to "Logs -> Administration" and everything is displayed there.

    We opted for having all the information at the same place instead of having it on every page of the tool. There is also a filter in case you are searching for a particular page or source.