Set "CoveoLoginHttpsAvailable" cookie as secure

Unfortunately this is currently impossible. This cookie is only used when you activate the built-in login page within the .NET UI. I'm referring to this login dialog:

This cookie would no longer be useful internally if it should be set as secure.

Right now it's impossible to keep the cookie from being created. Currently, even if there is no Security Provider added in Interface editor > Search Interfaces tab > Advanced > Security Provider,the cookie will be generated. This has been the case for 8 years now.

The client would like to Set "CoveoLoginHttpsAvailable" cookie as secure or to turn it off.

How important this is for you (nice to have vs should have vs deal breaker)? - Should have

Is there currently a workaround in place? - No

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  • Apr 4 2016
I need it... Quarter
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