Removing the parent in the child result list when using folding with Parent Child loading

Folding is mostly used in pair with Parent-Child loading. The Search API allows for these features to be combined in order to fold the results and then sort them by parent-children :

The only problem is, the parent will contain itself in it's list of children when the JSON is returned.


Title : A
ChildResults [ A, B, C]


This mean that the client will have to add additional logic to get rid of the parent before displaying the results. Getting rid of the parent amongst the children would be great.

  • Simon Langevin
  • Apr 28 2016
I need it... Quarter
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  • Simon Langevin commented
    April 28, 2016 19:10

    I marked this in the JSUI, but it is a Search API feature, independent of the UI, the category was not available.

  • Olivier Lamothe commented
    May 3, 2016 15:19

    The parent child loading is not a feature of the search api, but of the index per say. And I'm also pretty sure the search api does no treatment of parent/child loading in particular.