Support indexing URLs with # redirects

The # symbol is used in URLs of applications that use a certain ASP development framework for page redirects. Currently, the web pages connector doesn't support that. Any urls that have the # in them in the starting url or in subsequent links on that site are not being indexed properly because everything after the # symbol is being stripped off and ignored. Only the root url page prior to the # is being indexed.

  • anne poltorak
  • Jun 24 2016
  • Will not implement
I need it... Not sure -- just thought it was cool
  • Aug 24, 2016

    Admin Response

    This requires scraping functionalities which will be available with our new web connector in Cloud V2 but not in CES7.

    On premises, this can be accomplished with our Web scraper connector. However, since it's not an official connector, the web scraper cannot be setup OOTB like other connectors. It must be implemented in a "custom" way since you dictate its behavior at installation.
    Also, it's not the most friendly connector and may cause trouble to the implementation team if they are not familiar with it.

    The best way to proceed would be to contact your client executive about a potential PS implementation.

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