Reveal should follow the rules and respect searches with double quotes

Reveal injected results should not ignore searches with double quotes. If a user does a search for a phrase in double quotes, they are expecting to see that exact phrase in the results. The documentation states with double quotes "Returns documents containing the exact term sequence." Period. If there are no matches, then no results should be shown. That is how users would expect the search to work when an exact match for a phrase was the search. If reveal results are shown, and that is a BIG IF, the user interface should clearly explain that no results were found for the original search and clearly indicate that the results shown are something else. If a search shows irrelevant results often enough then the users will begin to loose confidence in the search engine, because it sometimes gives irrelevant/wrong results. Reveal should obey the double quotes and when there are no matches it is ok to show no results. 

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  • Oct 18 2016
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I need it... Yesterday (let's go already)
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    Eric Savoie commented
    July 13, 2017 13:21

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