Visual indicator for search results from Reveal

Reveal results sometimes do not match the search terms that the search user has entered and searched for. This can lead the user to believe that the search is broken, and cause them to loose confidence in the self service options and skip to one of the assisted support channels. The reveal results should be highlighted with some sort of indicator to make it clear to the user that the reveal results are different than the other search results. This will proactively explain any issue that the user has with the results not matching the user's search. Related to this, there should be a built in reveal feedback mechanism for the search user to tell if the reveal results are relevant or irrelevant. This should be separate and distinct from any other feedback mechanism that may be present.  If enough users give bad feedback using this reveal feedback mechanism, then that specific reveal result should be removed from being boosted for the related searches. 

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  • Nov 14 2016
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