Streamline the process of adding users to analytics

When we click add to add a user to analytics, we should immediately be able to associate the user with analytics instead of having to wait for the user to click the link in the email they receive. That way, the new user's account would be all set up for them to immediately begin using it after they click the link in the email.  

Currently, there's a lot of back and forth and wasted time getting new users access that could be easily eliminated.

In fact, to help my end users understand the process, I had to create a KB article for it!  Here it is in case it helps anyone else before you streamline this process.

How do I get access to Coveo Analytics? 

  1. Email to request access to Coveo analytics.  You'll get an invitation email that lists the name of the person who's in the process of setting up your Coveo account. This is the subject line of the email you'll receive: "You're invited to join a Coveo Organization"
  2. Click the "Accept Invitation" link in the email
  3. Email the Admin who sent you the invitation to let them know you've accepted the invitation and ask them to give you rights to analytics.
  4. After your Coveo user account is set up with rights to analytics, you'll be able to log into Coveo analytics with your Salesforce login:


  • If you try to log into before the Admin triggers the invitation email in step 1, you'll get this error: "This Salesforce user is not registered with Coveo"
  • If you try to log into before the Admin gives you rights to analytics in step 3, you'll get this error: "Permission Denied  You need to be a Analytics Viewer to view or edit AnalyticsReportsTabs" 


  • Carolyn Ferrell
  • Nov 21 2016
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